The battle of Cleopatra

Nobody likes to be copied.
We felt extremely uncomfortable when another fellow Etsy seller told us our Cleopatra cuff was being copied. We went to take a look and was taken aback by the similarities – from the design, choice of colors (black with iridescent gold mix) to even the name!
For those of you who have been following us, you know that our Cleopatra cuff was a child of our signature Cleopatra ring in 2011.


We messaged the owner of the shop who wrote about her integrity of being a creative and mentor in the Etsy community, we thought we could reach out to her in the most amicable manner about her Cleopatra cuff – presuming that she would see the light of things.
However, she returned with an obnoxious tone, saying that we were bullying her?! *faint*
So what do we do now?
We’ll just have to leave it to Etsy as we see that our conversation with such a personality will serve no good purpose.


From searching with keywords ‘Black Cleopatra Cuff’, only 16 items resulted from the entire Etsy. Out of the 16 items, only the two of us bear the same design.
It may be a seemingly simple design, but nonetheless, it was brainstormed by us years ago and researched that no one else on Etsy was selling the same beaded design before we went ahead to call it our own.


Don’t be mistaken her version for ours.
You be your own judge of originality and quality.

JeannieRichard Cleopatra Cuff

JeannieRichard Cleopatra Cuff

Keep it real, go real! XO!

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Getting the Skinny with our Seasonal Offer

Its week two of our seasonal festive offers featuring our Skinnies!
Our hot-selling Skinnies bracelets are now selling for just $29.90 for ALL THREE COLORS!
These super versatile and stackable bracelets will match every mood, every style and every lady and gentleman – Skinnies is one of those must have go-to every day accessory <3

JeannieRichard Jewelry

A little about our Skinnies…
Less is more as they say.
Our Skinnies range is all about simplicity that speaks volumes. 
Slim and delicate but not without character to exude through any occasion.

About Skinnies noir…
Noir is stylishly great for both men and women.
Noir is devoid of any categorization.
Noir stands proud on its own right.
Noir is sublime.
Noir makes a clean and modern statement of you.

About Skinnies gold…
Catch the sun with every wave of your hand, not to mention someone else’s attention too.
Divine is all about class with a penchant for stylish casual charm. 
She easily mingles into the crowd with her gregarious character and is loved by everyone, what is not to love about her?

About Skinnies silver…
They seem like diamonds dancing on your wrist with every calculated gesture you make.
Dazzling in every fashionable eloquent way. 
She is modern and minimal yet strikingly stunning.
She is quiet yet full of personality.
She is elegant yet has a keen ability of warming up to you.
She is Pristine.

How soon will it reach you?
We ship worldwide to every lady on the globe.
Shipment goes out every Wednesday with tracking service.
Transit is ypically 8 to 14 days but on an off-peak season, it can reach you within a week.

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JeannieRichard Stardust Pearl Earrings

Elegant and Sophisticated is here

Black and gold has always been a JeannieRichard signature colour combi. And with Fall upon us now, it is only natural for this elegant and sophisticated colour combi to come out to play with your wardrobe! Here’s a black and gold mood board featuring our popular Stardust Pearl earrings, all set for the upcoming season of festivities.
She is available at $39.90 here:

JeannieRichard Stardust Pearl Earrings


JeannieRichard Jewelry

‘Tis the season to be jolly

Yup, the season is here once more.
Of merry making and family get-togethers.
Not forgetting bearing gifts to your loved ones and friends.
As always, we will get into the act with attractive sales and what not.
Here’s our first offer valid till 16 Oct – spend $40 at our shop ( and you will receive 2 pairs of our Classic hoops in gold and silver to match any wardrobe style you have.

Questions? Just message us!

XO, Jeannie+Richard

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Skinnies on Clearance Sale

We have 27 items left to clear out from our shop.
And they are all going for 50% off!
Here’s two items that are staples for anyone’s wardrobe – ultra skinny stackable rings at $7.90 each. From US sizes 4 to 15.
Buy them both or, another for your other half or, for your best friend.

XO! Jeannie+Richard