One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All

To all our American friends, have a glorious 4th of July celebration!


XO! Jeannie+Richard

Hera, Elpis, Étoiles, Triangles

Greek goddesses, stardusts and triangles.
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Also in the Flash Sale is our Saudade Print shop
featuring throw pillows, art print, mug and tote bag.
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Saudade Prints

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1. Comment with your email and item number
2. We will email you a PayPal invoice to be paid upon receipt
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Treat Yourself this July 4th


Treat Yourself this July 4th with 31 handmade goodness from
America • Japan • Netherlands • Singapore
All of haute handmade calibre and impeccable eye for vintage home decor,
you can’t miss out on this fabulous flash sale of up to
50% off!
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Starts @ 7pm EST on July 2
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Where its at – Our Instagram Page
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How do you place an order on Instagram? Simple!
Comment with your email and we will email you a PayPal invoice.
Pay upon receipt of PayPal invoice and we will ship within 3-5 working days.

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Your Merit of Noble Deed: A Knot for a Robe Charity Fundraising

Hello everyone!
Much has happened since and it’s time to return with a good cause.
A little from you goes a long way from them.
The deed may seem simple but it provides for the monks who will wear the robes for a year.

Wish Knot Bracelet

This Limited Edition Charity Bracelet is a collaborative effort between JeannieRichard and The Gift Curator to sponsor and provide robes for eight monks in Thailand. The efforts of this event are supported through your purchase, which allows 100% of profits to be allocated to the fund.

We seek your crowdfunding support over at Wowcracy, full details here.
Different rewards are made available from $5, $10, $45 and $60 for the next 20 days.
Below are images of the rewards, click on them to be a part of a noble deed.

With gratitude, XO!

Wish Knot Bracelet + Etoiles Ring
Wish Knot Bracelet + Etoiles Ring, $60
Wish Knot Bracelet, $45
Wish Knot Bracelet, $45
We Rise by Lifting Others
Digital Art Print, $5
JR Discount Code, $10
JR Discount Code, $10