Mr. Eagle’s Vintage Journey

~ A short story by Richard ~

Soaring through the setting sky, Mr. Eagle has come a long way from home.
He perches on a solitary brass branch for a little rest.

The handsome chap peers upon Amsterdam, observing the bustling traffic of the town.

Ah, a lovely lady of black hair in a coif and a summer dress caught his attention.
She was beckoning him into her home for a little fruit punch!

Gentlemen as he is, Mr. Eagle accepted Ms. Havisham’s invitation.
With his sharp appearance, it is no doubt Ms. Havisham’s guests were in awe.
*SNAP!* a photo was taken to capture the distinguished Mr. Eagle …

Gentlemen as he is, he gave another poised stature… *SNAP*!
The photographer exclaimed, ‘I have just the perfect gold frames for Mr. Eagle!’

Everyone gave a little laugh and with everyone’s insistence,
Mr. Eagle happily agreed to stay for dinner.
As he was being ushered into the dining room, he espied upon a
beautiful mustard floral wall plate

… a mesmerizing powder blue vintage wedgwood china vase

… a striking yellow vintage Bitossi porcelain ashtray

… and a lovely vintage set of Sleepy Hollow canisters.

Mr. Eagle was enchanted by the hostess’ tasteful collection.
He had to ask her, “Delightful Ms. Havisham,
you do indeed have great eye for beautiful objects that truly personalize your home. Pray tell, where can I also acquire such wonderful pieces such as yours?”

Ms. Havisham smiled exuberantly and replied, “Why, all from Etsy of course!”

“Ah!” exclaimed Mr. Eagle, “Pardon me my dear hostess, I beg to leave now.
Good night my delightful new acquaintances, but Etsy beckons me!”

And off Mr. Eagle took flight into the shimmering moonlit sky for Etsy,
and with a slight turn, he catches sight of the waving hands of his newfound friends.


Shops featured in this short story
The House Of Oliver
A Piece of Mine
Retro Babs
Rhett Didn’t Give A Damn


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10 thoughts on “Mr. Eagle’s Vintage Journey

  1. Christa

    Oh, Richard! I am so happy after seeing all this. Thank you so much for including my little shop amidst all this great company – and in such a creative way! I have enjoyed the story of Mr. Eagle and Ms. Havisham so much. Really.. thank you – this has made my day so much brighter.



    1. JeannieRichard Post author

      We are so very glad that you enjoyed the humble short story – it was a spark of inspiration when appreciating your lovely vintage item, Mr. Eagle and the vintage Amsterdam postcards. Everything fell into place and here we are, thanks to Mr. Eagle :D

      May you always have bright ‘todays’ than ‘yesterdays’!

  2. Irit

    I love the way things entwined, images and ideas, colors and objects..
    Great work, beautiful adventure..
    Thank you R&J
    Love it!!


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