Me and My Flats

This is for my friend, Amanda Irel – in response to her red shoes she bought in Israel that I covet!

I have been wearing sandals for a decade and only for the past 8 months have I returned to wearing flats, and these electric blue rubber flats with peep toe are by far the most comfortable flats I have worn since the first day – it doesn’t bite the back of my heels, nor does it cause my feet to feel claustrophobic, lol! Bought another pair in beige and they cost only USD14 each from Thailand. Too bad their red colored version doesn’t have the strong shade of red I am looking for.

In my dark blue bold curve Levis at the steps of a bridge on our way to the mall…

Seen here with my darling Richard in his comfy grey cloth crocs loafers

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4 thoughts on “Me and My Flats

    1. JeannieRichard Post author

      Oh yes, you need super comfy shoes and shoes that can help on the move for hours!!
      I think Crocs have some new pretty while comfort for the feet for hours shoes you might want to check out :D
      I use to abhor Crocs shoes as their original line was absolutely ugly and unsafe.


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