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Style: A Zen Noir

Okay, the Monday’s moodiness got me this time.
But maybe that’s because I work up at 8.45am after 5 hours of sleep and working without stop till now – it’s almost 11pm. But its the part of the day where I enjoy most, styling for you :) And for this week, I’ll be running primarily on a Japanese-designed theme.
(Thank YOU Mari, baci!)

Japan was my childhood playground. Due to the fact that my family ran a shipping business which had its principal office in Osaka, thus the frequent trips back and forth regardless of school schedule. As a child, I experience growing up very differently from most of my schoolmates – enjoying the company of adults, being pampered by their wives, adoring the quaint villages and farms, having fun at Disneyland and novel amusement parks, enamored by Takarazuka Revue performances, eating fresh strawberries by the crates, the cherry blossoms, the deer parks, the memory list goes on. I miss Japan terribly, and ache for the abandoned Fukushima animals < please click here to do your bit with your voice

*Back to reality*

Today, I’ll be featuring Yohji Yamamato because his clothes resonates my mood now. Feeling the want of being protected from the world’s prying eyes – strong yet soft, simple but with depth, masculine but exuding out the rawness of femininity.

“When I started making clothes for my line Y’s in 1977, all I wanted was for women to wear men’s clothes. I jumped on the idea of designing coats for women. It meant something to me – the idea of a coat guarding and hiding a woman’s body. For me, a woman who is absorbed in her work, who does not care about gaining one’s favor, strong yet subtle at the same time, is essentially more seductive. The more she hides and abandons her femininity, the more it emerges from the very heart of her existence. A pair of brilliantly cut cotton trousers can be more beautiful than a gorgeous silk gown.” Yohji Yamamoto – extract from The Limelight

Let the zen noir speak for herself with a soul-wrenching piece by famous cellist/composer, one of our favorites, Hajime Mizoguchi ( 溝口肇 ) – was very hard to find a video of his to embed, so I hope you all will enjoy it. Watch for his kitty at the of the video ~ XO JR

Long sleeveless wool top, Yohji Yamamoto, $680

Silver beaded ring band, JeannieRichard, $25

Tuck Sarousel Pant, Yohiji Yamamoto Y’s line, $570

Silver black color block studs, JeannieRichard, $30

Soft twill bag, Yohji Yamamoto, $810

Monk strap boots, Yohji Yamamoto, $1,530