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Gone and Back AND Being Kreativ-ly Awarded!

After a week away from blogging, I feel like I lost a bit of my world ~ am so happy to reconnect with you and to receive pleasant surprises as well!

Surprise #1: Patricia of Design Notes pinned our jewelry on her pinterest board!
Surprise #2: Cath of LizzieRoseJewellery awarded us the Kreativ Blogger Award ((((Thank YOU Cath))))
Surprise #3:  Hazel of MajorMakeupMadness123 actually did a tutorial for eyebrows upon my request! <3
Surprise #4: And to know that we are being missed! Missed you all too <3 <3

And on the topic of missing, thanks to Janine of Destination Umbria, I realized today that all my WordPress subscriptions had been reset to receive ‘no updates’ from you all *GASP*. So please do forgive us if we seem like a snob all this while – we really aren’t and will definitely make our presence known in all your blogs :D

So what have we done the past 1 week?
Those 7 days just seem to fly by even more so quickly!
Wish we had a time-stopping machine, hehe :P
– Designing new jewelry and beading away
– Working on tight deadline publishing projects
– Had our haircuts
– Observing the rental property market
– DIY manicure on myself for photo shoot this weekend
– I bought 2 colors of nail polish, matte baby pink and metallic eggplant for the sole purpose of photo shoot, so only my left hand will be painted, haha!

Now on to the award, which we humbly receive from Cath of LizzieRoseJewellery. Thank you once again! Do drop by her place ~ she’s got really lovely cat posts because not only does she do lovely jewelry, but she’s also a cat-sitter! So you will be delighted by her cat chronicles ;) AND don’t forget to visit her shop over at Etsy too!

As part of the rules upon receiving/participating the award, we need to divulge 7 things about ourselves, so here goes:
1. Before Richard and I met when we were in our teens (15, 16 respectively), Richard wanted to be a priest and I wanted to be a nun – and we’ve been together ever since.
2. It was love at first sight case for us – I was Richard’s fourth and last, and Richard was my first and last.
3. Richard first took private classical guitar lessons at 16 but was encouraged to sit for Grade 5 instead of 1, subsequently recommended into the only fine arts and music college back in 1995 to major in classical guitar and composition as college education for two years, and was a mastering/recording audio engineer in 1997. Art was second-nature to me since a toddler, never had the opportunity to undergo formal training and headed the web design department in an IT company back in 1999.
4. Before designing jewelry, I have never worn anything bling bling other than my now 20 year old courtship band and 13 year old wedding band; same for Richard plus a Tiffany & Co. silver pinkie ring bought for his 22 birthday, and his 8 earholes and nose ring, which the latter “embellishments” has been left untouched since he completed his army service. Now, I wear our own designs and Richard still only wears his love bands and pinkie.
5. Richard started singing before learning how to talk, and I never listened to pop music but classical, jazz, and country until I was 11. Thus, Richard introduced rock, heavy metal and pop music to me and I introduced classical and jazz music to him. Together we combine, and now we have a library of thousands of CDs from classical, jazz, experimental, religious, rock, heavy metal, pop, ballad, country, folk, etc etc etc ~ music is life!
6. Richard cannot drink more than 10ml of alcoholic at a time, more than that, he’ll start palpitating; I’ve started with champagne at age 6 and vodka on the rocks at 13 but now occasionally drink for the sake of Richard :)
7. It is our dream to travel the world far and wide and hope to make America our home by 2018!

Cath also posed some questions, to which we have to answer one:
1.  Which place would you most like to visit, and why?
2.  In my next incarnation, I would like to be…?
3.  Which person from history would you most like to meet and why?
4.  What has been the most exciting experience you have ever had?
5.  Have you a life lesson that you would like to share?
6.  The best meal I ever had was…?
7.  What changes would you most want to implement if you were a leading politician?
8.  The best holiday I ever had was…?
9.  The quality I most admire in a friend is…?
10.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
11.  Do you have a favourite walk, and if so where?

There are a couple of questions we love to tackle but we’ll go for question number 5 – Have you a life lesson that you would like to share?
Although we are only in our mid-30s, but our past 12-year cycle had life thrown upon us plenty of heavy punches. We had no support from friends or family members and being truly on our own, the only one entity we relied on was and will always be God almighty. Although the world may seem like they are against you, we say keep cleaving unto God and put your trust in your faith in Him. Do not be swayed by temptations, keep to doing what is right. It may seem hard every single day, even when you are left with a single penny, but know that you are seeding something promising for the future that will affect everyone else. It may seem your conscience moves go unrewarded at the point in time, but He is watching and nothing goes unaccounted for, nothing goes to waste. As the sages say, “there is divine reward and punishment”, and we are grateful for all those “heavy punches” given because life truly starts when you are 40. Thus, we are grateful to be given the opportunity to do it right this time round and never to return to folly.

There! Done about us! Hope it was interesting bits for you :)
Now for THE best part of the game, to share the award!
We are nominating you all because your posts have brought much entertainment, insights, inspiration, and cheer to everyday living. There are so many more wonderful people out there but for now, let’s keep it to 10 (+1) ;)
It does not matter if you guys reciprocate, you all deserve it!

And the nominees are, in no particular order… 
Patricia of Design Notes
Fashion Style & Guru
Edyta of Pret-A-Reporter
Marina Kanavaki
Esther of Wholly Kao
Mari of I love green inspiration
Janine of Destination Umbria
Monica of Kukkuk
Fi of Reproduce My Failures
Kellie of Le Zoe Musings
Sadie & Dasie 

Enjoy visiting their website if you have not already!