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Coffee with Christa of Rhett Didn’t Give a Damn!

What makes a house a home?
Personally, its all the lovely decorations, ornaments, sentimental objects of affection that make your house your home, sweet home. :)
However, with the two decade long of minimalist home decor trends, that home seem to fade away into empty cold spaces – making every house looking the same uniformed showroom styled homes.

Spanning one’s eyes across the house, one would see all kinds of objects that would simply make a statement – ‘This is my family, we are all different but we all come together as a family to create an eclectic yet beautiful fusion of personalities presented by all the home decor!’
The aged stories of  each object that sit in the home since time in memorial traveling from one memory to another and another.
Simply by looking at certain objects in the house, one’s memories would be aroused and find themselves reminiscing, ‘I remember when we was young, mom would always use this set for Christmas.’ or, ‘I remember when we were kids, we would help dad polish this old eagle.’

These sentimental home objects of affections would undoubtedly become a vintage find to someone many years later – be it a stranger or another family member. Reborn due to a keen eye of an individual who saw its beauty – the vintage treasure hunter!
But do not be mistaken that just about anybody can be an aficionado of vintage hunting.
These are special individuals who have that special sight to see the spark still shining within a dusty old teapot, or a dirty set of glassware, or a lovely dining set of milkglass.

We have been most fortunate to be acquainted with just such a special sight individual – Christa of Rhett Didn’t Give A Damn :)
Yes, just by her shop name it tells one of how characteristic her finds are!
Thankfully for Christa, these beautiful items find themselves once again held by another, emotionally felt by another, telling its beautiful story to another, continuing its new life in another.

Let’s now settle down with a warm comforting cup of coffee and listen to the vintage huntress Christa talk of all things vintage and life…

~ ♥ ~

JR: When did you start feeling passionate about vintage articles?
Christa: It didn’t happen overnight. I think it was in the fourth grade that I became aware of environmental issues caused by mass production and the ramifications of that. Later, I learned about slave labor, forced labor and so on. In my 20’s I began to actively seek out used items as opposed to new things. And in the past year I’ve relished in being able to supply good vintage to those in want.

~ Snowflake Brass Bell ~

JR: When you go vintage hunting, what is it about a vintage item that attracts you to it, so much so that you believe it would make a good second life in another’s home?
Christa: Everything you add to your life ought to enhance your joy somehow. With that in mind, I look for beautiful, well constructed, built to last and well-loved items. Things were once so well constructed that they’d last for years and be passed down through generations with pride. My job, as a vintage picker, is to find these pieces and place them in good hands.

~ Silver Serving Platter ~

JR: In today’s mass consumer of mostly ‘made in China’ products, what are your opinions and beliefs with regards to ‘made in America’ products?
 Anything mass produced anywhere carries with it negative connotations for me. There are just too many “things” in the world and no signs of production slowing down any time soon. And worse, greed of companies and demand of consumers helps to drive the abuse of human beings. This happens everywhere in the world. I’d recommend this video to absolutely everyone. And while it seems impossible to avoid contributing to the problem here, there are some things we can do – including reusing some of the “things” in the world instead of going out and buying new, unused items. And when you do need something brand new, definitely consider something handmade with love over something mass produced under duress.

~ Green Stemmed Glasses ~

JR: Are there any particular favorite ‘vintage’ brands you personally love?
Christa: You know, I’ve never been a fan of any particular brands. Mostly, I base my purchases on two things – quality of build and aesthetic beauty.

JR: As a vintage seller, what are the challenges that you have to deal with?
Christa: Well, there’s always the issue of finding things. And as people become more and more in want of vintage, it gets harder! But this is a good problem to have and means people are seeing the value of those products already in existence and not reaching so much for the big store shelves.

~ Classic Brass Eagle Mantle ~

JR: Vintage is a thick market, what do you do for your buyers to make an indelible impression with them?
Christa: Good customer service. I want my buyers to feel taken care of every step of the way – from browsing, to purchase, to opening the package when it arrives.

JR: A home without a piece of vintage item is … ?
Christa: Missing something. :)

JR: Besides your love for all things vintage and beautiful, what other creative endeavors do you partake and is there something you like to learn?
Christa: I’m a crafter and I sew – if I can make it, I won’t buy it – especially when it comes to decorating. Making the thing is so much more fulfilling than buying. There are so many things I’d like to learn! Currently, I’m interested in jewelry making as I have so many talented jewelry friends thanks to my Etsy connections. I’d love to learn to play guitar. I’d like to take martial arts classes. I’d like to take a class.. almost any class. Lol. There are just so many things I’d like to learn!

~ Rustic Pot Set embellished with Autumn Oak Leaves ~

JR: You currently reside in London, Kentucky – a city of only 7993 population as of 2010. Do you feel like you know almost everyone, and what are the benefits of living in a lightly populated city?
Christa: Actually, London is a big change for me. We moved here about 2 years ago. My hometown is much smaller with a population of about 3,624 and I do recognize most faces there. Lol. And though I know most people consider London a small town, to me, it’s a BIG place. There are so many advantages to living in a small town. For instance, we buy our eggs from a lone farmer and we can get meats, cheeses, cakes and such from the local Mennonite community – all 100% organic at about the same cost as you’d find in your grocery store. Also, we live near a National Forest, a lake and a river so we have the pleasure of nature that I believe is lacking in many cities.

~ Silver Pedestal with Ornate Base ~

JR: The world as we live in today is becoming more and more superficial, especially so with the ‘convenience’ of digital communication. Do you think the generation of tomorrow has lost their innate intuition and honesty to each other and even to themselves, and what are you views?
Christa: Well, I want to believe that intuition and honesty are qualities that live inside each individual and can never be lost. But I wonder if they are like most things that get better with practice? I hope our innate abilities are not among the “use it or lose it” variety because we do use them less, it seems. That said, I think every generation faces this at some point – “when I was a kid”. Well, when I was young we did it differently than they do it now, and when my mom was young she did it differently than we did it. It goes on and on. Some things are always changing.

~ Autumn Home Sweet Home Plates ~

JR: If given the opportunity, what would an ideal lifestyle be for you and your family?
Christa: Oh, a big sprawling house nestled down in a lush, green valley with a stream coming down the mountain behind us. A garden and orchard. Sheep, chickens and horses. Enough money, but not so much that we’d ever lose sight of the most important aspect of life – love for one another.

JR: Who inspires you most in your life thus far?
Christa: There are people who just keep moving at a steady pace towards happiness and never stop. I admire that endurance.

JR: What is the motto of your life that you would love your children to carry on living by?
Christa: Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Take your needle, my child, and work at your pattern; it will come out a rose by and by. Life is like that – one stitch at a time taken patiently.” I want my children to know and believe that they have to work at their dreams and that endurance wins the race.

~ Pyrex Dessert Soup Bowl with Red Rim ~

JR: What is it about mandarin epic movies that you love?
Christa: Oh, so many things! I love the passion in the actors. I love the grandiose nature of the stories. Mostly, I love the absolute beauty of the scenes. Take for instance the last scene in House of Flying Daggers with the snow swirling and the bright red blood on the pure white snow – all with the culmination of a fatal love triangle. Swoon.

~ Watch Trailer ~

~ ♥ ~

There you have it folks! A little about the life of vintage huntress Christa :D
Far from being faded memories but full of the beatitude of life’s little luxuries!
She’s is currently having a 15% Holiday Sale over at her shop – Rhett Didn’t Give a Damn.
Simple code HOLIDAY15 at checkout ;)

You can also find Christa doing lovely tutorials at her blog and keep up to date with her on her Facebook!

Until next Wednesday, have yourselves a lovely family and friends gathering during this merry festivities!
Keep warm, keep in love and don’t forget to stay fashionably chic too ;)

~ ♥ ~

Mr. Eagle’s Vintage Journey

~ A short story by Richard ~

Soaring through the setting sky, Mr. Eagle has come a long way from home.
He perches on a solitary brass branch for a little rest.

The handsome chap peers upon Amsterdam, observing the bustling traffic of the town.

Ah, a lovely lady of black hair in a coif and a summer dress caught his attention.
She was beckoning him into her home for a little fruit punch!

Gentlemen as he is, Mr. Eagle accepted Ms. Havisham’s invitation.
With his sharp appearance, it is no doubt Ms. Havisham’s guests were in awe.
*SNAP!* a photo was taken to capture the distinguished Mr. Eagle …

Gentlemen as he is, he gave another poised stature… *SNAP*!
The photographer exclaimed, ‘I have just the perfect gold frames for Mr. Eagle!’

Everyone gave a little laugh and with everyone’s insistence,
Mr. Eagle happily agreed to stay for dinner.
As he was being ushered into the dining room, he espied upon a
beautiful mustard floral wall plate

… a mesmerizing powder blue vintage wedgwood china vase

… a striking yellow vintage Bitossi porcelain ashtray

… and a lovely vintage set of Sleepy Hollow canisters.

Mr. Eagle was enchanted by the hostess’ tasteful collection.
He had to ask her, “Delightful Ms. Havisham,
you do indeed have great eye for beautiful objects that truly personalize your home. Pray tell, where can I also acquire such wonderful pieces such as yours?”

Ms. Havisham smiled exuberantly and replied, “Why, all from Etsy of course!”

“Ah!” exclaimed Mr. Eagle, “Pardon me my dear hostess, I beg to leave now.
Good night my delightful new acquaintances, but Etsy beckons me!”

And off Mr. Eagle took flight into the shimmering moonlit sky for Etsy,
and with a slight turn, he catches sight of the waving hands of his newfound friends.


Shops featured in this short story
The House Of Oliver
A Piece of Mine
Retro Babs
Rhett Didn’t Give A Damn


Open your door with character

Your home is your very own abode that tells who you are, just as the same principal of ‘what you eat, is what you are’.
Every item in your home says something about you, the colors you are inclined to, the style of decor, the book titles that sits on your shelves, the movie title that is left in your player, the music that is played through the specific brand of sound system…etc etc etc…

But there are the little things that make up the home’s character that we so often miss out today.
The door knob.
Yes, the little fellow that is both functional and also of humble beauty.
The little fellow that one uses countless of times in a day.
So the next time you open your door, do it with care.
Without it, you are not going to get in/out or be blessed with some privacy.

Here are some beautiful vintage finds we found that would definitely add a touch of class and character to your home :)
Enjoy! XO JR

~ ♥ ~

~ Shop: Cass and Canfield ~

~ Shop: The Fox Parade ~

~ Shop: Vintage and Victorian ~

~ Shop: The Blind Peacock ~

~ Shop: The Blind Peacock ~

~ Shop: Housewarming ~

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~ Shop: The Vintage Wife ~

~ Shop: The Design House Vintage ~

~ ♥ ~

Aromatic Coffee Browns…

Can almost smell the warm aroma of roasted coffee beans with these yummy items.
Won’t they make wonderful gifts for your loved ones and even for yourself ;)
Enjoy! XO JR

SALE- Black Friday-…


Cotton Oval Lace Th…


Wide Leather Wristb…


Amigurumi teddy bea…


Brown kimono cardig…




Crochet PATTERN – C…


Eco Friendly Natura…


Industrial Design L…


usagi leather purse…


Industrial Saw Blad…


De Chocolate Linen …


1950s/1960s style r…


Wood Cake Stand Wed…


Vintage French bag,…


Chocolate and cream…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Earthy browns…

Comforting earthy brown hued items to mellow you down…
Enjoy! XO JR

Audrey Hepburn Pain…


Chocolat brown coll…


Unique Hoop Dangle …


Triple Strand Leaf …


Autumn earrings Po…


Vintage Bulgarian C…


Fiber art quilted c…


Latte Napkin Ring ….


neck warmer tube sc…


2012 Year Calendar …


Lace Covered River …


quilted eye glass c…


Custom Made Wool Je…


Christmas SALE Unis…


Stingy Brim Fedora …


Chocolate Brown and…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.