Guess & Win Sunday!

 Happy Sunday folks!

 We are having a little activity at our Facebook today.
Simply make a number guess of how many bracelets there are to win yourself a $25 voucher to purchase any item you like from our shop.
Last entry will be tonight at 11.59pm EST.

Good luck folks, XO!

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Single Eyelid Beauty

I am not sure about other cultures but in chinese culture, being a double eyelid is considered a beautiful feature. Many asian girls will go under the knife to have double eyelids.
I do not think much of this even though I bear such a feature on my eyelids.
But it was such a topic with Channah – everyone would remark, ‘Oh, she has single eyelids.’
Yes, Channah is a single eyelid darling just like her papa.

And what gives about that… does that mean she is any less a beauty?
Any less a darling of a child? Any less of a personality?
I beg to differ. I think my ‘mama alert’ is on ;)

Here is one beautiful example of an asian single eyelid beauty – Sun Fei Fei.
She is an international model from Shandong, China.

But more importantly, we strongly believe in inner beauty – a beautiful character will last a lifetime and even, forever. <3

XO, Jeannie+Richard

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Our Firsts

It has been 3 years since we started our brand, how time flies!
Purely inspired by other beaders, we dived into setting up an Etsy shop as well.
Being completely new in every aspect of online retail operations, we had no idea what we were going to have to deal with. We held a “just do it” mindset.
From joining teams to performing daily social media tasks, we have made some very close friendships and learnt so much that we would never trade anything else for.

Our first item listed was our WOMAN cuff in gold.
She is very much an intimate piece made by both Richard and me.
It represents both the feminine and masculine characteristics in one piece to celebrate the  many roles a woman play in her life to the people around her.

And after 3 months of hard work establishing our brand’s online presence, our first item sold was Cleopatra Pearl Drops earrings.

What do you think of our Cleopatra Pearl Drops earrings now?
She is still available at $30,
And are anyone of you been thinking of opening an Etsy shop as well?
It’s a lot of hard work but it has definitely been worthy journey thus far.

XO, Jeannie+Richard

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