Swing along

Say hello to our new addition to our necklace collection, Balançoire (swing in French).

JeannieRichard Balançoire Necklace

We wanted to create a minimalist look with a quiet sparkle that still speaks volumes.
And using silver-lined glass beads was the perfect candidate that meets our expectations. Balançoire sparkles like a bar of diamonds, which measures a good size of 1″ wide and makes a sublime presence on your feminine collarbone with the silvery chain almost blending into your fair complexion, or glistening against your tan complexion. Whichever the complexion, Balançoire swings along to a melodious tune, adding a dash of spring fling to your day.

Balançoire is versatile and easily styles for a corporate day,

Nude + Black for Work


to a casual stacking necklace outfit,

Effortlessly Stylish


to an easy spring evening affair … the styling escapades are a myriad.

Easy Evening

Balançoire is available at our shop for $30 : www.etsy.com/listing/186384231
However, you can enjoy a 20% discount from our Mother’s Day Sale, which ends on April 26, Saturday.

Light as a Cloud

The clouds come and go,
providing a rest for 
all the moon viewers
~ Matsuo Bashō (1644-1694)

A lofty haiku that eloquently describes our new bracelet, KUMO  (cloud in Japanese).
The poem conjures up a magical emotion within me, of celestial beings moon gazing from lofty clouds .

Golden small anodised aluminium jump rings hand weaved by Richard into the shape of an oriental cloud floats beautifully upon your wrist – adding an almost heavenly aura.

What I like about these jump rings are that they are light and they will never tarnish.
The golden hue glows radiantly and will look divine on fair to dark complexions.

KUMO Bracelet by JeannieRichardKUMO Gold Chainmaille Bracelet by JeannieRichard

She is available at our Etsy shop at $45.
However, a storewide Mother’s Day Sale is going on now.
Enjoy a 20% off when you code LOVEMOM at checkout.

Now, do you see celestial beings in your mind’s eye?

Keep your dreams, make them come true… XO!
Jeannie & Richard

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Beautiful things

Those of you who have been following our blog know that I’ve been putting our blog to a transformation. At the current moment, its halfway there. With Channah around, getting a “5-min” job can become a few days challenge. Not saying that its a negative, I’d actually rather dedicate 24/7 to her if I could – I want to be her mama I would like to have had. That being said, her presence for the past 7 months definitely made an impact in our lives, and I’d like to make our blog a little more warm, a little more casual, a little more human :)

Like us, Channah is a night bird, she doesn’t go to bed until she spends some time with us over a movie. We watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty last night, a delightful movie by Ben Stiller that we would definitely watch again when Channah is older. The strongest line that struck a chord with us was spoken by Sean Penn, “Beautiful things don’t ask for attention”. Don’t you think its poetic and true?


And here’s Her Cheekiness, sneaking up on me from under the blanket with her cheeky smile while we were watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.


Have a beautiful Thursday, XO!
Jeannie & Richard

Say it with a Heart

Voted by you, the Hearts in mint and red are now available at our shop » http://ow.ly/vvV4l
We’ve also added the classic gold, one of our favourites.

And they are now on Mother’s Day Sale too!
Code #LOVEMOM to enjoy 20% off.
Order now for guaranteed delivery for Mother’s day.

Keep it strong, XO!
Jeannie & Richard

JeannieRichard Heart Bracelet

Mother Dearest

channahAs a first time mommy at age 38, it dawned upon me that this coming Mother’s Day will be my first :D

To celebrate motherhood, we will have a 20% sale for the month of April – use this code at checkout – LOVEMOM.

Shop now to ensure timely delivery, never too early for your mom, or the woman of your children ❤︎ www.jeannierichard.etsy.com


Meanwhile, we just created a Pinterest board dedicated to Mother Dearest. We will be adding more everyday for the month April, enjoy!

Love, XO! Jeannie & Richard