Guess & Win (Round 2)

Happy Monday Folks!
What better way to start your brand new week than with a little fun of GUESS & WIN with us ;)

Another batch of 3riangle bracelets just done and ready for shipment!
Be the first person to GUESS the right number to WIN a $25 voucher to purchase any item you like from our shop.
GUESS & WIN ends on Tuesday (5 Aug) at 11.59pm EST.
Leave your comment over at our FACEBOOK.
Good luck and have a good start to a brand new week <3

XO, Jeannie + Richard

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Let’s get social

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Single Statement Earrings

They its the trend for this fall.
It could be simply a one-sided pearl drop, or the extravagant shoulder-dusting piece.
I personally would go for it :)
Tell me, would you spot yourself donning this trend?

XO, Jeannie+Richard

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Guess & Win Sunday!

 Happy Sunday folks!

 We are having a little activity at our Facebook today.
Simply make a number guess of how many bracelets there are to win yourself a $25 voucher to purchase any item you like from our shop.
Last entry will be tonight at 11.59pm EST.

Good luck folks, XO!

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Single Eyelid Beauty

I am not sure about other cultures but in chinese culture, being a double eyelid is considered a beautiful feature. Many asian girls will go under the knife to have double eyelids.
I do not think much of this even though I bear such a feature on my eyelids.
But it was such a topic with Channah – everyone would remark, ‘Oh, she has single eyelids.’
Yes, Channah is a single eyelid darling just like her papa.

And what gives about that… does that mean she is any less a beauty?
Any less a darling of a child? Any less of a personality?
I beg to differ. I think my ‘mama alert’ is on ;)

Here is one beautiful example of an asian single eyelid beauty – Sun Fei Fei.
She is an international model from Shandong, China.

But more importantly, we strongly believe in inner beauty – a beautiful character will last a lifetime and even, forever. <3

XO, Jeannie+Richard

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